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“Anthony Anaxagorou is one of the most enthralling poets I have ever read or seen perform. He brings an intensity to his performances that can hush an audience into silence or have them standing on their chairs cheering. His poetry deals with everything from the most familiar of day-to-day human emotions, to grand sweeps of social history without ever making one or the other seem too big or small to relate to. In my view Anthony’s voice is one of the most artistically important in London’s burgeoning spoken word and wider poetry scene.” 

The Ruby Kid – Poet and Hip Hop Artist

“Anthony’s passion for the spoken and written word is contagious and certainly caught the kids attention. His charisma put all the children at ease in a comfortable performance setting, giving every one the confidence to stand in front of the class and read out their poems. His relaxed approach and fresh perspectives were a welcomed change to the usual narrative and curriculum.”

Freddie Vanson – Teacher at Charles Dickens Primary School

“I won’t forget the poetry we learnt today, it was fun and unforgettable. I really found it great because it opened the gates to my imagination. It freed my heart and soul. I loved the poetry workshop.”

Chanya aged 8 Copperfield Class at Charles Dickens Primary School

“Our students love every minute of the Poetry For Us workshops. Over the course of the six weeks they arrive at each workshop ready for the new challenges that Anthony puts their way.  From analysing published poetry and captivating spoken word, to critiquing each others creations, they soon learn that there is no  ‘2+2=4’ in poetry.” 

M. Durham-Assistant Head teacher i/c Inclusion at Whitmore High School, Harrow.

“The experience was an experience of a lifetime. I met a really great man whose poetry was incredible. He taught me wisdom and knowledge so next time I ever take poetry I can use all the knowledge that Anthony Anaxagorou taught me. I would recommend it to everyone. I learnt more than one thing that week. I learnt how to be part of a team as well as social skills plus I made lots of new friends. This was probably one of my best experiences.”

Jason aged 11