Heterogeneous is the definitive anthology of Anthony Anaxagorous poetry - an extensive and revised selection taken from several previous volumes.

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Outspoken 2015
An Anthology of Poetry

Order the Outspoken Anthology from Big Cartel.

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The Blink That Killed The Eye

Order the new collection of short stories from Big Cartel.

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A Difficult Place To Be Human

The latest collection of poetry from Anthony Anaxagorou which includes If I Told You, The Master's Revenge, Dialectics, Old Palestine, Lose My Voice and For You, Dear Friend. Limited copies available. Order this book from the online store or Amazon.

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A Sad Dance

Published in 2011 this is the 7th collection of poetry from Anthony Anaxagorou.

This volume includes the poems Burma Makes Me Bad, A Loved Silence and Remembering Jessica.


Card Not Accepted

Card Not Accepted is the debut collection from Anthony Anaxagorou first published in 2009. Written during a period of recession (and inspired by a bout of unemployment), it stands as a profound collection of poems, short stories and essays drawn from personal experiences and observations of society and the modern world. A compelling and thought-provoking read that will make you smile in recognition and question your own values towards life; it will fill you with a subtle empathy as it begins to unveil the very essence of existential understanding. SOLD OUT

Let this be the call

A viscerally driven piece of political prose poetry that covers some of gravest and most overlooked tragedies of human history. The poem explores and delivers with acute insight the harrowing atrocities that are currently taking place in modern day Iraq and Afghanistan, whilst also refusing to ignore the mass genocides, oppression and illegal invasion of countries and continents such as Australia, Chile, Africa, Cambodia, Arminia, Palestine and Cyprus. SOLD OUT

The Lost Definition Of Hope

An endearing collection of poems themed around society, the self and love. There is also a digital version of this book available. Features both the poems This Is Us and London's Dead. SOLD OUT
In the summer of 2013 Anthony Anaxagorou teamed up with classical composer Karim Kamar to produce this intimately woven collection of poetry that deals with love, racism, hope, domestic abuse, adultery, trust and a plethora of other issues all common in Anaxagorou's work. Track listing: 1. For All You've Endured 2. Give Hope 3. For The Girl Who Asked What I Was Thinking feat Eliza Shaddad 4. There I Was 5. Hurt People 6. It Will Come To You 'Everything the burgeoning spoken word/music genre has to offer is right there, bright and stained , raw and ragged and beautiful and so, so moving.' Josh Idehen, Poejazzi Order the EP from the online store

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